Jack ‘Jaxon’ Jackson

Jackson, considered a godfather of the underground comic world and sixties poster art,  was born in 1941 in Pandora, Texas. He majored in accounting at the University of Texas and was a staffer for its Texas Ranger humor magazine, until he and others were fired over what he called "a petty censorship violation.”  In 1964, Jackson self-published the one-shot God Nose, which is considered by many to be the first underground comic.  In 1969, he co-founded Rip Off Press, one of the first independent publishers of underground comix, with three other Texas transplants, Gilbert Shelton, Fred Todd, and Dave Moriarty.  Jackson contributed to a selection of other underground comix, including Barbarian Comics (California Comics) and Radical America Komiks (Radical America Magazine). Jackson contributed to underground comix, including Barbarian Comics (California Comics), Radical America Komiks (Radical America Magazine), and the Last Gasp anthology Slow Death.

His graphic novels Comanche Moon (1979), The Secret of San Saba (1989), Lost Cause (1998), Indian Lover: Sam Houston & the Cherokees (1999), El Alamo (2002) and others document the histories of Native America and Texas.

Jaxon died of his own hand in 2006, after being diagnosed as having prostate cancer.

Carine Carmack