Jim Harter

Jim Harter was born in Lubbock in 1941.

Originally self-taught as an artist, Jim played a major part in creating concert posters for the Vulcan Gas Company, Armadillo World Headquarters, and other great joints.
Harter graduated with a BBA from West Texas State University, and then began an association with Texas artists Jim Franklin, John Shelton, Don Evans and Norman Rene Avila. This was followed by a trip to California and an association with San Francisco collage artists Satty and David Singer.

Influenced by San Francisco artist Wilfried Satty, Harter became skilled as a collage artist. Later, he became a magazine illustrator and published several books of his surrealistic works. “Die Gretchen” (The Crunch), from 1973, is one of his earliest publication

His art exhibitions included showings at the Nicholas Roerich Museum and New York Open Center (New York), Execucom Gallery (Austin), Long Hall Gallery and Carver Community Cultural Center (San Antonio), to name but a few.

Jim Harter died in SanAntonio in 2015.

Carine Carmack