Lindsey Kuhn

Lindsey Kuhn has been described as “a sublime correlation between art, music and skateboarding.”  Lindsey was born in 1968 in Illinois, and spent some time on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, before relocating to Austin in 1990.

Kuhn started printing posters for Southern California based L’imagerie Gallery, which financed a print shop in Austin and produced art for Robert Crumb, Ed Roth, Robert Williams, Joe Colman, Frank Kozik , Coop and others.  Kuhn used this education to design and print posters of his own. He has worked with venues Jabberjaw, CBGB’s, Emos’s, Fillmore, The Metro, and clubs around the world.

Today, Kuhn is an artist of international distinction. He is best known for his original silk-screened rock posters for a wide variety of bands such as AC/DC, Tool, The Pixies, Devo, Pearl Jam, Eagles of Death Metal and hundreds more.  His company Swamp, located in Denver, Colorado since 1997, also does custom printing and publishing for other artists.

His work has been featured in movies, on TV and in books; most notably featured in the film “American Artifact: The Rise of American Rock Poster Art” (2009).

Carine Carmack