Mishka Westell

Mishka Westell is one of the premier music poster artists working in Austin today.  Mishka is also a woman, quite rare in the world of music posters.  In fact, she is the only woman poster artist included in this book.  Her art is reminiscent of a by-gone era in Austin’s music culture, hand drawn and surreal, odes to those poster artists who came before.

Mishka, who is the artist behind many Bunkhouse designs, has worked primarily with silkscreen and block prints, including concert posters for legendary musicians such as Willie, Robert Plant, Emmy Lou Harris, Wanda Jackson, and many others.
Her work is hand drawn in a vintage inspired, often psychedelic and surreal style.
She created the image to celebrate the films of legendary film maker Richard Linklater, to promote an exhibition of posters illustrating his past work at the Mondo Gallery in Austin. It channeled the vibe of the original Armadillo Art Squad, exactly what Linklater had hoped for.

As an artist and designer currently living in Austin, Mishka is constantly  exploring the history and culture that had attracted her from an early age.  It has influenced all of her work over the last few years.  Mishka also does freelance illustration and design work for companies all over the world, occasionally still finding time for block printing, etching and painting.

Carine Carmack