Randy ‘Biscuit’ Turner

Randy Turner, born in Gladewater, TX in 1949, was both a punk singer and an artist, who was considered a pioneer as a gay performer in the world of punk rock.  His bands, Big Boys, The Dicks, Really Red and MDC, were all seminal in the rise of hardcore punk in Texas.  Big Boys were one of the earliest skate punk groups and were featured in Thrasher skateboarding magazine and videos.  He was a force in Austin’s slam poetry scene, and he even performed in 1992 in an award winning production of "Our Town" at Zachary Scott Theatre, playing both the professor and the reverend.

His poster work helped identify, create, and promote hardcore in Austin.  He was preparing for a show of his artwork scheduled to open just a few days after he died. ‘Biscuit’ Turner passed away from complications from untreated Hepatitis C on August 19, 2005. He was featured on the cover of the local independent newspaper, The Austin Chronicle, which was released the day after his death.

Carine Carmack